Any student bringing a vehicle to campus must have a permit whether it is for the day, the semester or the entire year. Permits are required at all hours, day and night. Permit prices are as follows:

Annual $165
Semester $80
Monthly $25
Weekly $10
Daily $5



For more information regarding parking at Union Square Garage click HERE.



Fall 2014 Parking

Log onto your myLSU account before July 18th, when prompted for parking choose YES.

  • You will automatically be charged for an annual permit. If you need a one-semester permit, you must choose additional services and add it there.
  • The charge for the permit is automatically added to your fee bill, which can be viewed on myLSU.
  • In some cases you may not be prompted for parking. If not, when logged on to myLSU select the following: Registration Services > Additional Services > parking for Fall 2014 using the appropriate service code.


While on myLSU, ensure your HOME mailing address is updated; this is where your permit will be mailed once your fee bill is paid.


In order to have your permit mailed to your HOME mailing address, you must select parking prior August 8th. If you select after August 8th, your permit should be picked up in our office in the Public Safety Building on South Stadium Road, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. through 4:15 p.m. 


For more information visit our website, contact us at 225.578.5000 or email us at


The student will be charged the fee and will be billed through the fee bill. A permit will be assigned based on the student’s status (commuter, resident, etc.). It will then be mailed to the home address if payment of the fee bill is received by the fee bill payment due date. If a permit is not received in the mail by the second week of classes, the student should inquire at the Public Safety Building. Keep in mind a permit may be picked up at any point in the semester if you should decide to bring a vehicle to campus. Replacement of a lost or stolen permit will be at the full price which is refundable if permit is later recovered.

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