ROTC Lot (X88) – 04.26.2016

Today, there will be 15 spaces that are reserved in the ROTC Lot (X88) for the CC&E Advisory Council meeting and their visitors. Please be aware of all signage in this lot to ensure one does not get ticketed or towed for parking within one of these reserved spaces.

If you need parking assistance, please call (225) 578-5002 and we will assist you.

South Stadium Lot (A85) – 04.26.2016

Today, 110 spaces in the South Stadium Lot (A85) will be reserved for the Chemical Engineering Poster presentations and their visitors. Please pay attention and follow the instructions of the guards at the entrance to this reserved areas for instructions.

If you need parking assistance, please call our office at 578-5002 and we will assist you.

LSU Campus Traffic and Road Closures for Saturday 04/16/2016

Dear LSU Community,

Please be advised that street access will be restricted on North Stadium Road and South Stadium Road (near Tiger Stadium) beginning at 7 a.m. on Saturday, April 16 due to the LSU Spring Game. Review the parking map illustrating these closures.

 Also, all of Tower Dr. will be southbound contraflow on Saturday, April 16 from 8 a.m. until 11 a.m. due to State Rally. Click here to review State Rally 2016 map and parking information.

 Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead, expect possible delays and use alternate routes if possible.

Electric Vehicle Charging

LSU is updating its electric vehicle charging stations. The stations will now operate through ChargePoint, a world-wide electric vehicle charging network. Read how to use ChargePoint stations on campus and elsewhere in Baton Rouge.

Campus Transit OnDemand

We are excited to introduce a new feature of the TransLoc Rider mobile application. Read up on how to request a ride from Campus Transit using the OnDemand button within the app:

Easy Streets Phase II Update

LSU Detour

Bike Sale & Auction, Nov. 19

The Bike Sale & Auction will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2015 in Free Speech Plaza from 11 a.m.-2p.m.

Cash and Check payments will be accepted.

Easy Streets Phase II, Part 2

To improve safety at the intersection of Fieldhouse Drive and South Campus Drive, the second part of East Streets Phase II is set to begin on October 26, 2015. This project will re-align the intersection of South Campus Drive with South Stadium Road, and allow us to develop a new north/south connection between South Stadium Road and Nicholson Drive Extension (Etienne de Bore’ Street will extend to Nicholson Drive Extension in a future project).

Please review the map to familiarize yourself with the affected area. Contractors will begin mobilizing on October 22, 2015, at which time all B and C parking within the orange area will go offline.

To offset the lost parking spaces, additional B parking has been recently made available in a portion of the Old Front Nine Lot (X174), along CEBA Lane, behind the Military Science Building and the Public Safety Building, and in the South Stadium Lot (A85). The attached file also highlights these alternate parking options.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we move to establish new street standards, bike lanes, and crosswalks.

Homecoming Parade 2015

LSU 2015 Homecoming – “Let the Good Times ROAR!”


Welcome Back Students!

2015-2016 Parking Zone Map

LSU Parking and Transportation Services would like to welcome you back to campus for the fall 2015 semester. Here are a few important tips and reminders regarding parking for the upcoming year:

Obtaining a Parking Permit: All students who wish to park a vehicle on LSU’s campus must register for a parking permit through LSU Parking & Transportation Services. If you signed up for a parking permit before July 15th, your permit was mailed to the home address listed under your LSU account. If you signed up for a parking permit after July 15th, your permit will be mailed to the LSU Public Safety Building, located on South Stadium Drive. The permits in the latter group will be available for pickup after August 20th. If you have not signed up for a parking permit at all, permits will be available for purchase in our office after August 20th. Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:15 PM, with additional hours from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Saturday, August 22nd and Saturday August 29th.

Incorrect Permits: If you believe the permit that you received was issued in error or is the incorrect parking zone, please return the permit to the LSU Public Safety building. If the permit that you ordered is for the entire year, but you wish to reduce that permit to one that lasts for the fall semester only, please return that permit by Friday, September 25th. We will change that permit in our system, and issue an $85 credit to your account.

Parking without a Permit: While it is always necessary to display a parking permit on LSU’s campus, we understand that there is a large number of students that are on campus before permits are available on August 21st, and many students are not available to pick up their permits immediately upon their arrival to LSU’s campus. Because of this, we are offering a grace period for unregistered tickets until Tuesday, September 8th. This means that as long as your vehicle is parked legally and in your correct zone, you will not receive an unregistered citation. If you wish to continue parking on campus without receiving a citation, you should make sure that you have your permit by Friday, September 4th.

Parking at the Beginning of the Semester: We do understand that there will be a large influx of students parking on campus at the beginning of the semester. Because of this, we are offing some overflow parking on the south side of campus for the first month of classes. In the past, students have opted to park in the grass directly across the street from the BEC. Please note that this is NOT LEGAL, and that any vehicles parked on this grass are subject to a ticket and/or tow. The overflow parking will be located between X166 and X174, and will be marked with signs. Please refer to the map on our website as a reference for the locations of X166 and X174.

A few more rules and regulations:
• The zones for parking are in effect Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Parking in a student zone other than your normal zone during these hours will subject you to an Out of Zone citation, carrying a fine of $24. Parking in an employee area during these hours will cause you to be towed and ticketed. This tow will cost $125 (plus $1 for each day your vehicle is left in our impound lot) and the Out of Zone B-C ticket will cost an additional $30.
• In the event that you forget your permit, any student that has already purchased a permit is eligible for five free days of parking, and they must obtain a temporary pass from the Public Safety building or the Visitor Center.
• In the event that you receive an unregistered ticket, you can have it voided (for the first offense only) if you were parked in your correct zone. The next occurrence will result in the citation being reduced to improper display, carrying a fine of $18.
• There are parking meters in various locations around campus with a rate of $1.50 per hour. Please note that the possession of a parking permit does not exempt you from having to pay the meter. Failure to pay the meter will result in the issuance of an Overtime Parking citation, which carries a fine of $18.
• All students that have purchased a parking permit are eligible to receive a free motorcycle permit. If you do not own a parking permit, the cost for a motorcycle permit is $40. Motorcycles are permitted to access central campus, but are only allowed to park in designated motorcycle parking area. This DOES NOT include bike racks, sidewalks, parking spaces designed for cars, or lawns.
• Bicycles are subject to the same rules as vehicles. They must be ridden on the right hand side of the road, and they must obey all traffic signs. Bicycles are to be parked in designated bicycle areas and bike racks only.

Bus Service