Stay Safe Campaign

LSU’s on-campus print and electronic safety awareness campaign focuses on key resources that LSU provides students, faculty, and staff to help them stay safe. The campaign couples images of campus with stick figure visuals to communicate the following messages.

  • Always lock your doors, windows, and vehicles.
  • Report suspicious behavior and unsafe conditions to the LSU Police.
  • Provide support for your friends who are battling severe stress or mental health issues.
  • Keep your personal information guarded to avoid identity theft.
  • Sign up for the emergency text messaging system.
  • Call campus transit after hours if you need a ride.
  • Save the phone numbers for LSU PD, BRPD and Campus Transit in your mobile phone in case you them.

These messages will be communicated through posters, print ads, radio and television PSAs running on KLSU & Tiger TV. On-campus Public Access Computer screens will also carry images from the campaign.


Click on any of the poster images below to see the poster images in full-view.


Download the following jpgs images to any computer desktop to help spread the word about safety on the campus.

Safety Template Paper

Download this Word document template paper and use it to create customized safety messages relevant to your department or campus unit.

Public Service Announcements [mp3]

Other Materials

For safety information, including posters, and key fobs call Michelle Spielman, LSU Community and University Relations at 225-578-4675.