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Level 1: Minor spill in work or lab area controlled and cleaned up by workers or lab personnel. No response by University EHS or University Police

Level 2: Moderate spill which causes work area personnel to be unable to control and/or clean up. Such may include accidents where large areas in the work area are impacted by debris or chemicals. LSU EHS will control activities with assistance from University police and perform gross cleanup. Where injuries are involved, City EMS will be called by University police if needed. (Refer to NOTE under Level 3 if a serious injury is involved.)

Level 3: Large spill which is not a threat to the public and is contained or limited to the campus. Such spill may require evacuation of buildings under the direction of LSU Police. Baton Rouge Hazmat will be called to assist or take control where there is need for analytical assistance, site assessment and / or manpower. Hazmat will assume role of Incident Commander with assistance from EHS and University supervision/faculty.

NOTE: The Louisiana State Police Right to Know Unit and the Baton Rouge Fire Department Hazmat Unit will be contacted if there is a hazardous materials release with:

a.) an injury with hospitalization, or a fatality, or

b.) a fire or explosion which potentially threatens off site personnel, or

c.) a release of a hazardous material in an amount which exceeds the reportable quantity (check with EHS for quantities), and which may get offsite.

Level 4: An event where a major portion of the campus is affected or the spill is a threat to the neighboring community or the environment. In this event, City Hazmat and State Police will be notified to assume incident commander status and coordinate activities of all concerned. Such an event would include train derailment, tanker truck accident, pipeline rupture, plane crash, major fire involving hazardous materials, etc. All other agencies will work in conjunction with the State Police.

NOTE: Containers of chemicals or chemical mixtures that may be unstable or sensitive to movement may have to be handled as a bomb. In such cases, EHS will work through University Police to have the Baton Rouge City Police Bomb Squad respond.

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