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This Checklist is to be used for building inspections by building coordinators and faculty members when fire and general safety is being checked. The inspection form is designed to prompt the inspector to observe for the conditions listed and respond in the “yes” column if everything is in order. Any “no” answer should be accompanied by an explanation in the “comments” column to assist in identifying and correcting the problem.

Please Note: Laboratories must be inspected using the appropriate laboratory checklist.

Item YES NO* Description Comments

(Be Specific!)**

MEANS OF EGRESS (Corridors and passageways to exits, including the exit)
1 Are stair handrails in place on both sides of staircase and in good condition? Are stair treads in good condition?
2 Are corridors and exits free and clear of all obstructions, with room furniture arranged to provide easy access to the exit?
3 Do exit doors swing in the direction of exit travel with panic hardware properly attached and in good working order (no sticking, etc.)?
4 Will fire doors and exit doors close and latch completely? Are fire doors kept closed? (Fire doors are those which have a “fire rating”, which is shown on a label located on the door frame and on the back edge of the door, normally near the top of the door)
5 Are exits properly marked and illuminated? Are passageways adequately illuminated with all bulbs working?
6 If emergency lights are installed, are they functional?
1 Are all fire extinguishers in place, charged, and accessible?
2 Is fire alarm system, including smoke and/or heat detectors, operable and able to be heard throughout the building (Green inspection tagin place and current)?
3 Are fire evacuation plans posted throughout and in good condition?
4 Are all rooms or areas in the building being used as labs, storage areas, kitchens, or equipment rooms fire designed and authorized for such purposes?
5 Is sprinkler head clearance of 18″ maintained (nothing stacked, installed or stored within 18 inches of the heads)?
1 Are extension cords used in place of permanent wiring only in temporary situations? Are they adequately sized for the electrical current, protected against damage, and equipped with factory or Facility Services installed receptacles (the minimum size for an extension cord is #16AWG.)?
2 All electrical cords and extension cords are in good shape with no fraying, swelling, splicing or patches?
3 Where work with portable tools and/or cords is in a wet area, are ground fault interrupters used (unless the tools are double insulated)?
4 Do all electrical junction and switch and receptacle boxes have covers that are closed tightly? Are switches labeled where their purpose is not obvious?
5 Are circuit breakers labeled as to their function and all covers complete (no blanks) and in place? Is there clear access to breaker panels?
1 Emergency phone numbers posted on telephones? Building emergency plans and Safety and Security plans current and known to occupants?
2 Janitor closets, equipment rooms, and stairwells free of general storage? Are flammables, other than small quantities for research, instruction or maintenance activities, stored in fire rated cabinets or approved storage?
3 Housekeeping at time of inspection adequate? Are attic areas clear of storage?
4 Floors in good condition with no loose tiles or other tripping hazards?
5 Outdoor grassy areas, sidewalks, stairs and parking lots in safe condition?
6 Are power vents/hoods operational and inspected where required?
7 Indoor air quality — Is the air free from irritating or nuisance odors? Are walls, and other areas free from mildew, mold and excessive dusts?

* “NO” answers must be accompanied by comments that explain corrective action needed. Building Coordinators should report deficiencies directly to Facility Services. On deficiencies that have been reported with no action taken, request assistance from EHS in the “Comment Section.”

** Specific location, room #, equipment number, etc.
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rev. 7-04

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