What is Veritas Forum?

We are living in a post-Christian society in which Judeo-Christian truth is treated as, at best, irrelevant to various intellectual, moral, social, and cultural issues. At the same time, Christianity is further marginalized by society’s dictate that it be confined to an individual’s private “religious” life. The Bible, however, clearly teaches us that Jesus Christ came to this world as the “Truth” that applies to all aspects of our lives. And, as salt and light in this world, we are called to provide an opportunity for the world to know the legitimacy and relevancy of a worldview based on the truth of Jesus Christ. The Veritas Forum is intended to provide such an opportunity.


The Veritas Forum began at Harvard University in 1992 and has spread to over 80 colleges and universities throughout the country. They include, among others, Ohio State, U Virginia, U Florida, Yale, Dartmouth, U Michigan, U Wisconsin, Brown, U Texas, Oxford, Arizona State, U Nebraska, U Pittsburgh, Northwestern, U Tennessee, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, U Pennsylvania, Princeton, Harvard, California Polytechnic State U-San Luis Obispo, Rice U, Hope College, Stanford, U Southern California, Texas A&M, U Kentucky, U Western Ontario, and UCLA. Many of these schools have had the Veritas Forum more than once because of the tremendous impact the event made not only on the college and university campus but also on surrounding community members, non-Christians as well as Christians.

The Veritas Forum at LSU invites internationally as well as nationally renowned Christian intellectuals and artists to speak or perform at a series of luncheons, colloquia, and evening programs on the topic of truth for several days on the LSU Campus. The Baton Rouge community as well as faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduates at Louisiana State University and other schools are invited to attend the events.

View the Veritas Forum website at www.veritas.org.