Our History

The concept of CFSN at LSU was conceived in June 2001 when Sung Joon Jang, who was then Associate Professor of Sociology, came back from the first National Conference of the Christian Faculty Leadership Network (CFLN), held in San Antonio, Texas, and sensed a burden of prayer for an organization of Christian faculty and staff at LSU. During the summer, he met with some interested faculty and staff and contacted others through e-mail. Finding strong interest in creating such a group, he organized a “kick-off” meeting, which was held at the Chapel on the Campus on August 25, 2001. About 55 faculty, staff, and spouses gathered to witness the birth of this exciting group (please send email to cfsn@lsu.edu for the videotape of this kickoff meeting). CFSN was approved on September 19, 2004, by then Interim Chancellor William Jenkins as a faculty/staff organization of LSU with all the rights and privileges of employee organizations as stated in PS-82 and PS-93. More.