2008 Veritas Forum

The 2008 Veritas Forum at LSU was held with the theme of “Dallas Willard’s Radical/Relevant U.” Speakers included Dr. Dallas Willard, Professor of Philosophy at University of Southern California, who visited the LSU campus on February 17-19. Each presentation was followed by an open Q&A session. All programs were free and open to the university community as well as the public. Evening events were well attended, with hundreds inspired on Sunday evening. Luncheon events were also exciting and uplifting, feeding body and soul in the Faculty Club. The next Veritas Forum is expected in 2010. Contact Steve Hall (shall5@lsu.edu) for more information.


Sunday, February 17
7:30-9:00 The Chapel on Campus Topic: “The Value of Truth and What Happens When U Don’t Have It”


Monday, February 18
11:30-1:00 Student Union (Atchafalaya Room) Topic: “Why Are U Here in the U? Could It Be the Good, the True, and the Beautiful?”

3:00-4:30 Student Union (Vieux Carre Room) Topic: “Making It In—Becoming a Part of the Establishment?”

7:00-9:00 Energy, Coast & Environment (Rotunda) Building on Nicholson Drive

Topic: “What Your U Won’t Teach U, But U r Apt to Catch Anyway.”


Tuesday, February 19
11:30-1:00 Faculty Club* Topic: “Teachers of the Nation.”
*Lunch is Free. Reservations required.If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Randy Raggio, Campus Forum Advisor, at veritas@lsu.edu