Academic Writing

Stanford Scientific Writing Online Course, by Dr. Kristin Sainani

“How to write a lot”, by Dr. Paul Silvia

“Writing Science”, by Dr. Joshua Schimel


Dr. Erin Buchanan’s Youtube Videos on Statistics

SPSS PROCESS Macro for Mediation by Dr. Andrew Hayes

Graphical Descriptives for visualizing data

Use R for Personality and Psychological Research

R for Psychology and Questionnaires by Dr. Jon Baron

Preparing APA Manuscripts with R Markdown with papaja

Jamovi – Open source statistical software

metafor tutorial by Dr. Michael Brannick – R Package for Meta-analysis

ggplot2 for data visualizations in R

Data visualization with R and ggplot2 online textbook

YaRrr! The pirate’s guide to R by Nathaniel Philips


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Society for Human Resources Management

Academy of Management

Louisiana State University Psychology Department

Open Science Framework