Stanford Scientific Writing Online Course, by Dr. Kristin Sainani

“How to write a lot”, by Dr. Paul Silvia

“Writing Science”, by Dr. Joshua Schimel

Overleaf – LaTeX based document editor


Dr. Erin Buchanan’s Youtube Videos on Statistics

SPSS PROCESS Macro for Mediation by Dr. Andrew Hayes

Use R for Personality and Psychological Research

R for Psychology and Questionnaires by Dr. Jon Baron

Jamovi – Open source statistical software (Also see JASP)

metafor tutorial by Dr. Michael Brannick – R Package for Meta-analysis

MPlus code for mediation/moderation models

interActive: visually displaying interactions

Data Science/Data Viz

ggplot2 for data visualizations in R

Data visualization with R and ggplot2 online textbook

Graphical Descriptives for visualizing data

Dr. Richard Landers’ data science course


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Society for Judgment and Decision Making

Society for Human Resources Management

Academy of Management

Louisiana State University Psychology Department

Open Science Framework