Welcome to the Wang Group at LSU

Feb 8, 2019: 1.5 GHz NMR @ the national maglab. Many beautiful, sharp lines and a great improvement in resolution!
Fig6. Model 11Jan 21, 2019: Another paper on Nature Communications! Congrats to Xue, Alex and Malitha! This study elucidated the molecular interactions of lignin and carbohydrates using intact maize stems. Check out the story on Science Daily Phys.org, EurekAlert! and the National MagLab.
Aug 20, 2018: Our fundamental research on carbohydrate solid-state NMR spectroscopy and DNP methods has been funded by NSF.
June-Aug, 2018: The conference season. Tuo delivers three talks about our plant and fungal studies on the 8th Cell Wall Research Conference (previously a GRC; Asilomar CA), the 59th Rocky Mountain Conference (Snowbird UT) and the 28th ICMRBS (Dublin, Ireland).
GraphAbstract 3July 16, 2018: Our first paper is published on Nature Communications. Congrats to Xue, Alex, Malitha and Adrian! This study employs solid-state NMR methods to characterize the architecture of intact fungal cell walls. Check out the story on LSU News, Chem Department, Science Daily, Phys.org, World Pharma News, Xinhuanet, EurekAlert!, and the National MagLab.
May 18, 2018: Our first proposal on fungal research is funded by LSU Biomedical Collaborative Research Program. 
Dec 5, 2017: The last day of my first course on the very joyful Thermodynamics. Thank you my kids for the exceptional evaluation 3.96/4.00.
Oct 16, 2017: Our first trip to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Enjoy the spectrometers, weather and food at Tallahassee:)
July 4, 2017: The first day of Wang Group: Independence day to be independent!