River Model


IMG_2103             IMG_2102

Driving Test Piles…

IMG_2092                       IMG_2091

IMG_2085                                            IMG_2083

Starting to grade and treat the soil on the site


More panels delivered (new model will have 216 panels)

IMG_1770  IMG_1782 IMG_1781

Preliminary work for the building exhibit/outreach space, offices, catwalk, visualization, etc. LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio (http://css.lsu.edu/).

IMG_1259 IMG_1258

Hosting visitors from Central and South America



Testing on the Guinea Pig (http://www.bcgengineers.com/).

IMG_1372                             IMG_1370

IMG_1272          IMG_1270

Meetings with CPRA, consultants, graduate students….

IMG19 IMG18 IMG17   IMG11


Routing panels for the new physical model – super job by Alden Labs!  (http://www.aldenlab.com/)

IMG_0960 IMG_0933

IMG_0932 IMG_0926

Closeup of the CNC router


IMG26        IMG25

Construction Pics!

                                            IMG_3897      IMG_3894

                                                             Traveling Eastbound on the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge

IMG_4133 IMG_4132 IMG_4131

                     September 2015                                                                                  October 2015

IMG_4167                         IMG_4375

                        November 2015                                                                                December 2015

IMG_4527                          IMG_4647